Company Profile


Dr. Hendrik Heinze

Dr. Hendrik Heinze is the CEO of ALLEGRA CAPITAL GmbH.

Dr. Hendrik Heinze went to university in Harvard, St. Gallen, and Erlangen-Nürnberg.

Afterwards, he worked as a manager for McKinsey & Company. He was serving leading clients nationally and internationally, e.g. investment banks, commercial banks, and industrial corporations. He primarily led projects of developing and implementing programs to fundamentally realign clients in a strategic and operational way, e.g. with regard to corporate finance, risk management, reorganization, and growth.

Dr. Hendrik Heinze managed a medium-sized industrial company as single shareholder and CEO and achieved growth of profit and sales by strategic and operational measures.

 Dr. Dirk Keck

Dr. Keck is director with ALLEGRA CAPITAL GmbH.

He completed his doctoral and undergraduate studies of engineering at the university of Stuttgart.

Dr. Keck worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Company.

He was in charge of sales and marketing of an electronics company in the USA and of R&D in Germany.

 Dr. Bruno Gross

Dr. Gross has specialized in strategy and technology.

He went to the universities of Munich and Vancouver for his doctoral and undergraduate studies of physics.

After his PhD program Dr. Gross worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Company.

Afterwards Dr. Gross was CEO and shareholder of a laser technology company.

 Jürgen König

Mr. König has spezialized in strategy development and controlling of medium-sized companies.

Mr. König studied business administration at the university of Augsburg.

After his studies Mr. König worked for Arthur Andersen, where he became project manager.

Mr. König has served a large number of medium-sized companies as an independent consultant and interim manager respectively, primarily focusing on strategy and controlling.

Klaus Pieger

Mr. Pieger has specialized in reorganization, production, and controlling of medium-sized companies.

Mr. Pieger studied business administration in Nürnberg.

After his studies he joined a medium-sized company, where he soon got promoted to chief financial officer.

During his further career he was senior advisor with Rödl & partner consulting GmbH.

Mr. Pieger led several medium-sized companies as CEO.