Company Profile


ALLEGRA CAPITAL has been engaged in a range of sectors since 2000, including medical technology, optics, electronics, display elements, automotive supply, plant engineering, trade, environmental consulting, and corporate services.

Sellers have included, for example, reputable corporations like Alstom, Leica Camera, Miba and Steiff.

So far, each of ALLEGRA CAPITALīs engagements has been successful and a significant improvement of the situation has been achieved. We firmly believe that our success is based on our strict adherence to our Business Principles.

We guide portfolio companies with an active and long-term approach. We are able to draw on first-class resources, such as our know-how as former McKinsey consultants and operationally responsible managing directors of medium-sized businesses, our networks, and our access to capital.

As common in the private equity industry, companies are typically each held independently by specific holding companies, advised by ALLEGRA CAPITAL and are run independently.

Current investments of holding companies advised by ALLEGRA CAPITAL:


Bring Citymail Sweden AB

Seller: Posten Norge (Norwegian Post)


Pirobase Imperia GmbH

Seller: Cancom Group


Seller: Vesuvius Group